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Mixed media (Watercolor + graphite, pastel and color pencils)  on paper.

Size: 30x40 cm


Inspired by the fairy tale and fantasy world. This is a portrait of a tender and mysterious girl, the portrait reflects the sensual and mystical atmosphere of a fairytale forest, her soul is everywhere, in every leaf and branch. Who is she? Nymph? Dryad?

Listen to the sounds of the twilight forest.

The light rustle of barely audible steps on the soft lilac moss.

Twilight. Calm. Meditation.


The artist chose a combination of watercolor - the elements of water and unpredictability, fluidity. And graphic materials - graphite, and colored pencils - shape, texture, accent. Together, the materials create a certain mysterious vibration of shades and textures.


Frame is not included. Delivered in a tube.

Twilight soul

SKU: WMix_001
  • Original mixed media painting on paper.

    Size: 30x40 cm 

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