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Natalia Nik (Nikulina)


Artist and illustrator who lives between Moscow and Budapest.

"I am sure that any work of art should evoke emotions. The palette of emotions is diverse, which, I suppose, is the key to understanding art.

The first level of emotions comes from the author. When creating a painting, I certainly know what I feel and want to convey through the canvas, paints, the choice of forms, and the play of light or texture. I invest emotions and energy into my painting.

The second level is the audience. What will the viewer experience when looking at the picture? He will probably stop and experience pleasure, comfort, peace, resentment, or anger. They will get EMOTION! But overwise, he may pass by this artwork without experiencing any interest.


I do not set myself the task of attracting someone's attention or shock. My paintings are instead an intimate, confidential conversation. I propose to share my understanding of the harmony and diversity of the world and my thoughts. After all, I draw my inspiration from what surrounds me and causes emotions: nature, people, objects, events."

Since 2000, member of a few international artists Associations.

Some of her pieces are in private collections in Russia and abroad. She is a participant in various Russian and international art exhibitions and contests.



2022 - GLOBAL PAINTING CONCLAVE. Animal Painting December 2022. GOLD AWARD for "Kava" artwork.

2022 - ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY.  Art competition "3rd PORTRAIT". HONORABLE MENTION AWARD for "Vincent" artwork.

2021 - Luxembourg Art Prize 2021, Awarded with a Certificate of Artistic Merit.

2020 -  Academy of Art University Spring Show

2020 - ART PORTRAIT International festival of portraiture. (Nominated for 1-nd and 3rd place in «Experimental graphic portrait». 

(Nominated for a 1-nd place in «Portrait in an avant-garde manner». (Moscow)

2019 - Festival ARTFORPLANET. (Moscow)

2019 - Colors of Humanity Art Gallery. “Black and White” online exhibition. (USA)

2017 - ART Bussan 2017. International Art Fair 2017, Korea

2017 -  M.A.D. Gallery  Contemporary Art Biennial 2017, Milano

2016 - International festival of book illustration «Morse», Moscow

2016 - Art Shopping exhibition in Paris, (Carrousel du Louvre) 

2016 - «Russian Art Week» in Moscow (Nominated for a 1-st place in Book illustration) 

2015 - «Russian Art Week» in Moscow (Nominated for 2-nd and 3rd place in «Experimental graphics» (portrait)) 

2005 - Solo exhibition of graphic works «Travel» 

2002 - Exhibition of young artists - «Moscow through the eyes of young people» (exhibited photos) 

2001 - Exhibition of young artists - «Moscow through the eyes of young people» (color graphics) 

2000 - International Fashion Illustrators competition «New Russia - XXI Century,» diploma. 

1998 - Exhibition of students works ‘Harmony of pure color’ in Mme Shuvalova’s living room


2023 - present: Member of Fine Arts Capital Art Association. (Hungary)

2021 - SCBWI (USA) membership

2021 - present: AOI (UK) membership

2020 - present: Member of  the Eurasian Art Union

2016 - present: Member of  the International Federation of Artists (Graphics section)

2000 - present: Member of the International Artists Fund. Moscow Association fo Artists (Graphics section)

Selection of Press releases:

  • Article inTikvahMinds 2020 (Quarterly Magazine)

  • Article in Artbookmania 2015 (online magazine)

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