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Watercolor, acrylic paints for batik, and gold ink on paper.

Size: 33x48 cm



This watercolor painting portrays a young Chinese woman with a melancholic expression, her face illuminated against a backdrop of deep blue and burgundy hues, evoking a sense of reflection and introspection. The raindrops add ambiance, while the two delicate lines in gold ink serve as subtle decorations, imparting an elegant touch to the entire composition.


The work was nominated: 1-nd place in "Portrait in an avant-garde manner" at Art Portrait Club International Festival, 2020 / Russia / Moscow


Frame is not included. Delivered in a tube.

The Rain

SKU: WMix_006
  • Original watercolor, acrylic paints for batik, and gold ink on paper.

    Size: 33x48 cm 

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